Here's Absolutely Everything That Happened When Taylor Swift Attended Travis Kelce's Football Game Amid All The Rumors That They're Dating

Taylor’s game day attendance comes just three days after Travis revealed he extended an invitation amid rumors they’re dating.

Whether or not you’re a football fan, there’s a very high chance you heard about the Chiefs game.

Kelce on the field

On Sunday, none other than Taylor Swift was spotted in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears. And for many reasons, this comes as a very exciting development in her love life.

Taylor watching the Chiefs game

In the unlikely event that you need the context, Taylor’s show of support comes amid rumors that she’s dating the Chiefs’ beloved tight end, Travis Kelce.

Closeup of Travis Kelce smiling

Speculation about this pairing started swirling way back in July when Travis revealed during an episode of his podcast that he had hoped to give Taylor his number while attending the Eras Tour over the summer.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

His plan to meet the singer sadly didn’t work out; however, Travis’s luck was set to change, as just two months later, reports surfaced that the duo had “been quietly hanging out.”

Closeup of Taylor Swift at an event

As you may have noticed, this sparked a lot of excitement among Taylor’s fans, many of whom took a strong liking to the NFL star soon after his sweet Eras Tour anecdote went viral. And so, before long, the swifties were holding out hope that there might be some truth to the dating rumors.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

Since the claims surfaced, Travis and his inner circle have bolstered fans’ intrigue by dropping occasional hints on social media and in interviews — notably, his brother, fellow NFL player Jason Kelce, jokingly confirmed that reports were “100% true.”

The Kelce brothers embracing

However, it wasn’t until last Thursday that Travis commented on the rumors himself, confirming during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show that he and Taylor had been in contact.

Closeup of Taylor Swift

“I threw the ball in her court,” he said, before revealing he’d invited her to a game. “I told her, ‘I've seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead [Stadium]. You might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead and see which one's a little more lit.’”

Closeup of Travis Kelce

He followed this by sneakily adding: “We'll see what happens in the near future” — which brings us to Taylor’s timely game day appearance.

Kelce taking a selfie

So, as I’m sure you’ve seen from a thousand different angles by now, Taylor showed up in full support of her rumored love interest, taking pride of place in the Kelce family suite right beside Travis’s mom, Donna Kelce.

Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift clapping

Pulling out all the stops with a Chiefs jacket and matching red nails and lips, Taylor made no attempt to be low-key in the crowd, and by all accounts looked like she was quite literally having the time of her life.

Taylor Swift cheering

Based on the seemingly endless supply of footage, it appeared that Taylor spent the vast majority of the game on her feet, starting from the second Travis ran out onto the field, to the moment he grabbed a touchdown pass in the third quarter, giving the Chiefs a 41–0 lead over their opponents.

Kelce in action on the field

Luckily, it was in this moment that the TV cameras cut to an ecstatic Taylor in the Kelce suite, jumping up and down and slamming her hands excitedly on the glass screen as she appeared to yell: “Let’s fucking go!” at the top of her lungs.

FOX / NFL  / Twitter: @Chiefs

While she wasn’t cheering, dancing, chest bumping, or doing a combination of the three, Taylor also made time to chat with Travis’s mom, at one point breaking into a fit of laughter as they shared a cute moment in the suite.

FOX / NFL / Twitter: @PopBase

Despite having all eyes on her, Taylor seemed to be embracing the fanfare. In fact, one video showed her posing for a photograph in front of a fan-made sign referencing the rumored romance, which read: “Kelce is Swift to the Endzone.”

Taylor cheering at the game

After Travis and the Chiefs secured the win, Taylor stuck around and could be seen helping clear up the mess in the suite — a move fans noted as a surefire way to make a good first impression for your partner’s parents.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

Much to fans’ disappointment, Travis wasn’t interviewed after the game. However, that didn’t stop his buddy Patrick Mahomes from spilling the tea on his teammate’s special guest.

“I heard she was in the house,” the star quarterback said, admitting there was “a little pressure” to put on a good show in Travis’s best interest. “I knew I had to get [the ball] to Trav. Of course, on the route to Travis, he just does his own thing and just makes up a route and I throw it to him. I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the swifties wanted him to.”

Twitter: @NFLonFOX

Pat didn’t give a whole lot away about the nature of Travis’s relationship with Taylor, although he did hint that his teammate kept her attendance on the down-low, revealing that he was informed “at the last minute” that she’d be in the crowd.

“Some things with Trav, he says it, and you don't know if it's true or not, he says it so calmly,” he added.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

But while we didn’t get any insight from the man himself, videos later surfaced showing Taylor and Travis walking closely together inside the stadium, making no attempt to hide from the public as they casually greeted people in the crowded corridors.

In true swiftie style, fans online did a little bit of digging and discovered that the blue and white denim ensemble that Travis wore after the game appears to be the “1989 BEDROOM PAINTING SET” from Kid Super Studios — which is either a wild coincidence, or proof that he’s the ultimate mastermind making a deliberate nod to her album.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

An eyewitness who filmed the pair reported that they left together, and later that night photographs appeared on social media showing them driving away in Travis’s convertible — roof down, hiding from no one.

As for where they went, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Travis rented out a nearby restaurant, where he and Taylor were joined by his family and teammates.

Closeup of Taylor Swift

"Taylor arrived, wearing a denim dress, and was seen snacking, having some cocktails, and dancing alongside Travis," the insider said. "The two were very affectionate with one another but kept things fun and lighthearted... The party lasted until 2 a.m."

Travis on the field

Since her game day attendance set social media ablaze, sources have claimed that Taylor heard about Travis’s invite last week and didn’t think twice about accepting.

Closeup of Travis Kelce

“Taylor is very focused on work right now and hanging out with her girlfriends,” an insider told People. “Travis invited her to the game, and of course, she said ‘yes.’ She just thought it was a fantastic way to spend Sunday.”

Taylor in the crowd

And so, as swifties and football fans alike have started to dub Taylor and Travis as the next power couple, they're yet to confirm themselves whether this is just a friendship or something more.

Closeup of Taylor Swift

But one thing is for certain — there's sure to be an influx of viewers tuning in to the Chiefs games this NFL season. See you there!

Closeup of Travis Kelce
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