Sophie Turner Shared — And Then Deleted — A Cryptic Reference To Taylor Swift In Her First Instagram Post Since She And Joe Jonas Announced Their Divorce

“Goodbye, Mr. Perfectly Fine,” fans quipped after seeing Sophie's pointed post.

Sophie Turner just broke her Instagram silence after announcing her divorce from Joe Jonas.

Joe and Sophie standing together

Ever since confirming reports last month that she and Joe were parting ways after four years of marriage, Sophie has remained quiet on Instagram.

Close-up of Sophie at a media event

“After four wonderful years of marriage we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage,” she and Joe wrote in a joint statement on Sept. 6. “There are many speculative narratives as to why but, truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes.”

Joe, who is the one who filed for divorce, said in legal documents that his and Sophie’s marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Several sources seemingly from Joe’s camp proceeded to paint Sophie in a negative light in the press, with TMZ reporting that her apparent desire to party frequently was partly the reason behind their split.

Joe and Sophie walking

A separate report later claimed that Joe had seen Sophie “saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over” while watching footage recorded on their ring camera — which apparently turned out to be her badmouthing him to a friend.

Close-up of Sophie and Joe at a media event

Court documents alleged that Sophie was caught off guard by Joe’s decision to end their marriage, and found out “through the media.” A representative for Joe later claimed that Sophie was well aware that Joe was going to file for divorce before he did so.

Close-up of Sophie and Joe

But things only got messier when Sophie later sued Joe for allegedly wrongfully retaining their two children — who are ages 3 and 1 — from their “habitual” home in England. The kids had been residing with Joe in the US while Sophie was in the UK filming upcoming TV series Joan.

Close-up of Sophie and Joe walking on the street with a baby carriage

Joe’s representative ultimately denied that the singer had “abducted” his and Sophie’s daughters in a lengthy statement given to TMZ, and the estranged couple later reached an agreement that the kids would stay in the US for the time being.

Close-up of Sophie and Joe smiling at each other at a media event

Amid all the drama, Sophie — who has yet to speak out about her and Joe’s custody battle — made a series of public appearances with none other than her close friend Taylor Swift, who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend of Joe’s.

Close-up of Taylor at a media event

In fact, Sophie’s very first move after announcing the divorce was to step out arm in arm with Taylor while going for dinner in New York City. It was later reported that Taylor had temporarily loaned Sophie her NYC apartment for her and her daughters to stay in amid her split from Joe.

Sophie and Taylor arm in arm

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that Sophie made sure to reference Taylor in her first Instagram post since announcing her divorce.

Close-up of Taylor at a media event in a sparkly crop top

Making her subtle return to the platform on Sunday, Sophie shared a pointed photo of a friendship bracelet from Taylor’s Eras Tour which read, “Fearless.”

Close-up of the bracelet

As fans will know, Fearless is the title of Taylor’s second studio album, which happens to feature several songs — such as “Forever & Always,” “You’re Not Sorry,” and “Jump Then Fall” — that are seemingly about Joe.

Joe onstage

The pair dated for a brief three months back in 2008, with Joe facing fierce backlash after Taylor eventually claimed that he’d dumped her during a 25-second phone call.

Close-up of Taylor at a media event

Fearless was released just a month after the two reportedly split, leaving several fans speculating that the album was largely about Joe. Across the songs, Taylor sings about watching somebody “fade away in a relationship” after promising to be with her “forever.” The subject of these tracks is painted as insincere and unapologetic for leaving her without warning.

Close-up of Taylor onstage performing

And when Taylor released the rerecorded version of Fearless in 2021, it featured a now-infamous track called “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” which had originally been written for the 2008 album but didn’t end up making the cut. This song in particular is widely believed to be about Joe — with Sophie even memorably posting about it on Instagram soon after its release.

Close-up of Taylor and Joe sitting together

With all this in mind, Sophie’s latest post of her “Fearless” bracelet — which she ended up swiftly deleting on Sunday — quickly got internet users talking.

Close-up of Joe and Sophie at a media event

“This is so funny considering who some of the songs on fearless are about,” one person wrote.

Close-up of Joe holding a standing mic

“sophie turner posting her fearless friendship bracelet is so passive aggressive i love,” said another user, while someone else simply tweeted, “oh the SHADE.”

Close-up of Sophie at a media event

“I just love that it’s a Fearless bracelet, like the Taylor reference is one thing but then she throws in a reference to an album about her ex-husband being an asshole,” one Reddit user wrote. Someone else tweeted, “Goodbye, Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

“Not the union jack bag in the background,” someone else on Reddit observed. “she really said I’m back to being british bitches.”

Close-up of Sophie at a media event

“i love sophie's little bracelet bc it acts as a reminder that she truly is fearless and doing her best considering the situation,” another tweet read.

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