“Love Is Blind” Star Taylor Rue Shared Her Honest Thoughts On ~That~ Shocking Makeup Comment From JP As She Reflected On Her “Heartbreaking” Experience

Warning: Love Is Blind spoilers ahead!!!!!

Of all the awkward moments that have unfolded so far in this season of Love Is Blind, Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce’s conversations — or lack thereof — have arguably been the most difficult to sit through.

Closeup of Taylor and JP

As viewers will know, things started off great for Taylor and JP, with the pair immediately hitting things off in the pods and becoming the first couple to get engaged. Just before the big physical reveal, JP said, “I know she’s gonna be the most beautiful girl, because I like her for what’s on the inside.”

And once the pair met, JP immediately said that Taylor was “really pretty” and described himself as the “luckiest man in the world.” After she asked for reassurance that he found her attractive, he said again, “I like the way you look.”

JP and Taylor kissing

However, things took a drastic turn after the pair went away to Mexico on their couples' retreat.

Taylor and JP in bed

JP got noticeably quiet and awkward around Taylor, to the point where she quite literally had to tell him to speak to her. She eventually sat him down and outright asked why he was acting so strange, and he claimed his communication had been different because he was put off by the makeup she was wearing during the big reveal.

Closeup of Taylor

“I understand that you tried to present yourself and look as best as you could, but I feel like if you were able to present yourself like this, without any makeup, it would’ve been better,” JP told her.

Closeup of Taylor and JP

Taylor appeared visibly confused and asked, “So the way I looked made you communicate differently?” In response, JP said, “It felt like you were fake... You had a caked-up face, fake eyelashes. I’m being honest, and I’m sorry that’s so hard to hear.”

Closeup of Taylor

JP later proceeded to tell Taylor again that she’d “presented fake stuff” by wearing “a lot of makeup” when they first met, adding that it got “all over” his jacket.

Closeup of Taylor and JP

Taylor ultimately decided to end things with JP, calling off their engagement and explaining that things felt “uncomfortable” and “forced” between them.

Closeup of Taylor

Now opening up about her experience in detail, Taylor admitted that she found the entire thing “heartbreaking” during a new chat with E! News.

Closeup of Taylor Rue

Noting that her and JP’s dynamic was “probably worse” in real life than it looked onscreen, Taylor said, “It was really hard. I mean just the reveal was a little bit awkward, but in my mind, I was like, ‘He’s probably nervous, I’m nervous,’ and in a way, we were having to start over because we just had the emotional connection.”

Closeup of JP and Taylor

“Then in Mexico, I mean, it didn’t get any better,” she went on. “I brought a conversation up to hopefully fix it, and I think it only got worse because I brought it up. But that wasn’t my hope — my hope was to fix it and fix our relationship.”

Then discussing the now-infamous makeup chat she and JP had, Taylor admitted that she was left super “hurt” by his comments, and didn’t feel like there was “a lot of truth” behind them.

Closeup of Taylor Rue

“I think when he initially said it, I was like, What in the world? There is no way that you are acting completely differently because of the way I look,” she said.

Closeup of Taylor Rue

“We're on here for an emotional connection, and we had built such a strong connection between us,” she continued.

Closeup of Taylor Rue

“To me I don’t feel like there’s a lot of truth behind that, but I was definitely hurt about it,” Taylor added, before clarifying that in spite of how much it upset her, she did not end things with JP because of his “makeup comment.”

Closeup of Taylor

Instead, she said, “I left JP because I fell in love with this version of him, and then that version was no longer there.”

Closeup of Taylor

As for where she and JP stand today, Taylor revealed that the pair have “talked” since appearing on the show.

Closeup of JP

“We haven’t met up or anything, but he reached out to me, and I just wasn’t ready. I was like, 'I don’t wanna talk to you, I don’t wanna see you, I need to heal,'” she shared.

Closeup of Taylor Rue crying on "Love Is Blind"

“And then a couple of months back, I actually reached out to him. We had a good conversation, but we actually didn’t talk about anything that really needs to be talked about. So, I’m still waiting for that,” she added.

The next two episodes of Love Is Blind will be available to stream on Netflix on October 6.

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