“The Kardashians” Fans Have Admitted That Their “Biggest Nightmare” Would Be Having Kim Kardashian As A Sister After She Showed Her “True Colors”

Kim's argument with Kourtney on this week's The Kardashians has sparked fierce backlash.

In case you missed it, Season 4 of The Kardashians premiered on Wednesday, and it certainly got off to a dramatic start.

closeup of the two during their confessional

While the last season of the reality show ended with Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian drawing a line under their ongoing feud, tensions had resurfaced in between filming.

In fact, it was watching back the edits for Season 3 that triggered this fresh bout of drama, with both sisters struggling to watch what the other had said about them last year.

the two wearing full-body leather

For a quick recap, last season Kourtney accused Kim of using her wedding day as a “business opportunity” and copying her vision when she collaborated with the same designers that hosted the nuptials, Dolce & Gabbana, just four months later.

kourtney and travis getting married

She also said that all of her friends had told her that Kim was “spiraling” and miserable at her wedding, and that she “didn’t feel truly supported.” Breaking down in tears, Kourtney accused her younger sister of putting “dollar signs” before her family.

the family together at the wedding

But Kim remained defiant and said that she didn’t need to ask “permission” when taking on business deals. Their sister Khloé Kardashian and mom, Kris Jenner, also got involved, and were shown poking fun at Kourtney throughout Season 3.

kris, kim and khloe sitting at a table at an event

Speaking in the Season 4 premiere, Kourtney explained: “I think last season was really hard. What’s harder than living it in real-time is watching it back in the edit, which isn’t a natural way of living.”

She then revealed that she had dropped out of a family trip to Cabo just three days before they were due to fly out because of a “heated phone call” that she’d had with Kim.

Luckily for viewers, the Hulu cameras were around to capture Kim on this call — and fans have been left horrified by what unfolded.

kim yelling into a phone

In the hours since the episode aired, dedicated Kardashian fans have taken to social media to call out Kim’s behavior, with one person even saying that having her as a sister would be their “worst nightmare.”

Others called Kim “nasty” and “vile” for comments that she made to Kourtney in this conversation, with it being argued that this one scene from the show exposes the star’s “true colors.”

The conversation started out cordial enough, with Kim inviting Kourtney to a D&G dinner in Milan, which Kourtney declined before reiterating that she is still “supportive” of her sister’s career.

closeup of kourtney  talking

Kim then acknowledged how tough watching the Season 3 edits had been, saying: “I got worked up watching the episode and watching the cut, so I can only imagine… I see both sides, like I said, I think you see things and you get riled up, I see things and I get riled up…”

kim getting glam done

But Kourtney calmly interrupted: “I’m actually not riled up. I just think it makes me not want to be around.”

Referencing Kim’s decision to work with Dolce & Gabbana so soon after her wedding, and with a similar vision, Kourtney then added: “I think it’s that you saw this thing that was mine, and that wasn’t yours, and that you wanted it. You took it and made it bigger.”

kim sorting out dolce looks

But Kim denied this, and then claimed that she didn’t even like Kourtney’s wedding theme because “visually it was not [her] thing.” She then told Kourtney that the concept wasn’t “that original,” but Kourtney thought that she was missing the point.

the family celebrating after the wedding

“You’re talking about the bullshit details because it’s all your egotistical, selfish mind can think about,” she said. “You can not stand someone else being the center of attention.”

kim with dolce and gabbana on the runway

Kourtney then claimed that Kim “couldn’t be happy” at her wedding, saying: “You complained from the second you got there until the second you left. That’s what it’s about. Forget about you couldn’t be happy, you couldn’t be happy for me. You couldn’t be happy that I was the center of attention and you weren’t.”

kim and north at the wedding

At this point, Kim became noticeably more irate and accused Kourtney of having “a serious vendetta,” before saying: “You’re a different person. We all talk about it.”

“All of your friends call us complaining,” Kim continued. “We’re on a group chat that’s actually labeled ‘Not Kourtney.’”

Kourtney barely reacted, so Kim reiterated: “They’re your friends. The ones you speak to on a daily basis.” She then said that the group exists so that Kim can set Kourtney’s friends straight on things she’d told them about her.

“You are a narcissist,” Kourtney said in response. “It is all about you. Anything you do it’s about you and about how it looks to the world about you, so you just want to clear up your facts. Take up my whole fucking side of the episode, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me.”

closeup of kourtney

“Are you happy?” Kim suddenly asked. “We are all concerned.”

“I have a happy life and the happiness comes when I get the fuck away from you guys, specifically you,” Kourtney replied.

And then Kim delivered the final blow by bringing up Kourtney’s three children: Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and 8-year-old Reign. She said: “Well, your kids have even come to me with problems that they have and how you are, so…”

At this point, Kourtney broke down in tears, saying: “Is that helpful? You’re adding it into a fight to have a side; it’s you and my friends, and my kids, and everyone against me. It’s just like you’re a fucking witch and I fucking hate you.”

Later, in a confessional, Kourtney said that Kim had been “weaponizing” everyone in her life in a bid to “hurt” her. She said: “It felt to me, like, in the call, Kim was just using any weapon that she could find to hurt me. Just everything. Almost like weaponizing everyone against me.”

And viewers at home were inclined to agree, with many believing that Kim has no defense for bringing up Kourtney’s children.

“Kim is so foul for bringing up the kids,” one person wrote on a Reddit forum. “She weaponized Kourts kids without hesitation, to purposely attack and hurt Kourt, to ultimately make her look like the problem.”

“I was indifferent about this convo cos I feel they’re acting, but Kim mentioning kourtney’s kids n bringing them into their beef is so low, Kim is actually a terrible person, a pure narcissist using every arsenal to win a fight including making her feel her kids don’t love her,” someone else tweeted.

Twitter @breebrownsugar / Hulu / Via Twitter: @breebrownsugar

Another wrote: “The way Kim kept escalating because she wasn’t getting the reaction she wanted. First it was Kim thinks, then the family, then the friends, then the kids. Woof. Awful. That was so low.”

Twitter @heyitslivagain / Hulu / Via Twitter: @heyitslivagain

“my sister having a group chat solely dedicated to talking shit about me is a betrayal i could NEVER come back from. sorry that’s not normal. that’s unhinged,” one more wrote, to which another fan replied: “Kim thought she was proving that Kourtney is the problem with that confession but really she was proving was that she's the toxic one.”

“Kim going 0 to 100 on Kourtney with that phone call was yikes. Like there was no reason to get that aggressive and mean ???” someone else wrote.

Another comment read: “Kourt has always been 100% spot on about Kim. Kim was so nasty. She’s so god damn insecure and fake AF.”

And one fan claimed: “I have anxiety just thinking about being sisters with Kim. She’s SO charming that she gets away with being an absolute witch (yes witch) constantly,” prompting someone else to reply: “I literally just texted my sister that my biggest nightmare would be having Kim as a sister. She’s showing her true colors.”

“Kourtney said ‘you are just a fucking witch and I hate you’ and I am here for it,” one more wrote. “Kim really need to stfu about side chats about her damn sister with her friends. Also mentioning that the kids come to her with issues about Kourt it was a very low thing to say.”

Twitter @VictorPolancoo / Via Twitter: @VictorPolancoo

In the episode, Kourtney said that Kim’s comments on the phone “reminded” her of a family characteristic that she has been trying to escape through therapy. She explained: “We say mean things to hurt each other, and it’s what I work hard in therapy to change.”

“When I’m reminded of those types of things, it really is hurtful,” Kourtney added. “Like, why would my family treat me that way?”

The Kardashians continues on Hulu next week in the US, and on Disney+ internationally.

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