There Was A Pretty Loud Fart Noise During A Joe Biden Livestream

Politicians, they say, can be full of hot air.

In the first week of this hell month, we heard someone flushing a toilet during a live hearing of the Supreme Court. And now May is ending with a large fart noise.

A livestreamed campaign video chat between presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday was briefly muffled by the sound of what appeared to be a very wet fart.

Biden was asking about what "the human cost" looks like in Pennsylvania if more federal money doesn't arrive to help with the coronavirus economic recovery when the toot rang out.

He appeared to lean back in his chair at the same time as the noise, while Wolf appeared to blink and shake his head shortly after.

The noise did not go unnoticed.

Right-wing figures on Twitter soon clipped the moment, and it was subsequently shared by the conservative outlet the Daily Caller, as well as Donald Trump Jr.

Did @JoeBiden just pull an Eric Swalwell? 🤣

The president's son likened it to the interview Rep. Eric Swalwell did on MSNBC in November with Chris Matthews in which a loud fart was heard. (In a text to BuzzFeed News after that interview, Swalwell denied having supplied it.)

With most campaigning virtually impossible due to the pandemic, Biden has been hosting a series of video chats and podcast interviews from a makeshift studio in his Delaware home. Photos previously released by his campaign show him sitting on a stool of some kind, but it wasn't clear what he or Wolf were sitting on during the livestream.

So what was the source of the fart noise? A leather chair? A mic rubbing against some fabric? Too many Fig Newtons?

Wolf's spokesperson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the source of the sound.

Reached for comment, a Biden aide told BuzzFeed News only, "Glad you're putting resources into this important story."

So what do you think?

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